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Positive Client Testimonials:

Malte at Smart Excel Solutions is a highly intuitive and efficient technical professional. This is a rare combination as it combines the complete ability to handle any task or challenge you give him quickly and in a business like way — delivering on time, as well as applying all he does with enthusiasm, understanding and sensitivity. He is a very lovely person to work with, good manners and calm and considerate. This makes him an all round professional master.
With the UK HMRC moving to "Making Tax Digital", I created an Excel workbook aimed at SMEs that reduced the time taken for a client from hours per month to hours per quarter. They were extremely happy with the time saved but I gave the workbook to SmartExcelSolutions and that time was reduced from hours per quarter to minutes per quarter. I am now working with SmartExcelSolutions to enhance the workbook more following interest and will then market the workbook through SmartExcel Solutions. If you are an SME and interested in saving so much time and effort then feel free to drop them a line and save yourself hours of unnecessary work. Would I Recommended him? Absolutely!
After spending hours trying to find a solution on Google, I came across Smart Excel Solutions and Malte solved my problem right away! He was patient while listening to my problem and offered multiple solutions - one of which was exactly what I was aiming for.
We are a governmental organisation and have been for long struggling with managing our fillable forms, which are mandatory for many employees to fill out. Often those forms would not be filled in correctly or simply get lost after some time. Malte built an amazing forms management application that helped us with all of these and other problems. He is a easy to work with, very reliable, and delivers high-quality work.
One big problem for our business was properly calculating shipping costs. Doing so was very time-intensive as it required us to take into account a great variety of factors. Over a period of months, Malte built an application which automates this task and also enhanced the application based on our requsts and wishes. Malte was very patient with our requests and a pleasure to work with.
Testimonial Happy Client India
Milind Gupta (India)
CEO & Founder of Intex Creations Llc
Our production is monitored by and based on a complex set of interlinked Excel worksheets. Over time, the workbook became too big, unresponsive and unusable. Mr. Malte's work significantly improved the application's performance. Our lives will be a lot easier from now on. Working with Mr. Malte was a great experience. He is a master in Excel and VBA and I can highly recommend working with him.
If I should highlight something about Malte it would be the combination of quality and customer focus. He delivered a nice solution to me far beyond my initial demand and never complained about the extra time.
I really think you've solved my problem. Thank you ever so much. [...] You knew more than my university did, no one in 8 months has been able to help me with this and I've been pulling my hair out.

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Stephan Haasis
Stephan Haasis
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He is a fantastic developer, very professional and he realized exactly what I needed. Very fast delivery. Is a pleasure to work with him.


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