Excel Project Portfolio

Below you can find examples of past and completed projects. 

Forms Management Software

Manage fillable forms & reports, automatically collect and save information from forms, and share data between users in real time. 

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Excel Forms Manager

Professional software to create & manage fillable forms.
Excel Dashboard


  • Organize, store and display critical information from multiple data sources in one place
  • Allow users to easily search and find records
  • Users can generate custom reports and load reports on demand with a single click.

Email Campaign Manager

Email campaign manager developed for accountancy firm. Based on multiple criteria, emails are automatically sent out and tracked.  

Includes integration with Outlook.

Email Campaign Manager
Email Manager

Reports Generator


  • Automatically create summary reports (e.g. for revenue or expenditures)
  • Specify time period

Data Entry System

Developed for a childcare provider, this data entry system allows for adding, editing and deleting data in a controlled, streamlined environment.

Data Analysis & Data Charts

Data Analysis & Visualization

Power Pivot data model which provides deep insights into one’s data.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the process of automatically collecting large amounts of data from online sources.

Example: A client needed to get the user names from 30,000 instagram pictures. After building a web scraper tool, the information was automatically collected by Excel.

Mosaic Grid (Shapes)
Mosaic Grid (Pictures)

Picture taken by Theolator

Mosaic Grid Generator Mosaic Grid Generator Mosaic Grid Generator

(finally a bit of Excel Art)

Grid generation software developed for renowned Mosaic artist Helen Marshall. Allows for creating mosaic grids, extracting information from single pictures and locating picture positions. 


For example, the program was used in the Rainbows for the NHS project, where a gigantic mosaic consisting of 13,000 pictures was displayed at London Piccadilly Lights.

Excel Calendar


  • Pick dates or date ranges and populate cells with selection
  • Display holidays for different countries
  • Switch between calendar formats (e.g. US format: Sunday to Saturday)
Excel Calendar Product

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