Picture of Malte Hartmann, Founder of SmartExcelSolutions
Malte Hartmann, Founder of SmartExcelSolutions

Hi, my name is Malte!

For many years now, I have been helping people with their Excel problems. And what has started out as a hobby, has gradually turned into a profession that I pursue with quite a lot of passion today.

In my time as an Excel aficionado, I have learned that the potential capabilities of Microsoft Excel are sadly unknown to many people and organizations, including many heavy Excel users. Therefore I find that there is nothing better than surprising people with how advanced Excel solutions can make their lives a lot easier.

Since I like to share knowledge and engage with people that are in need of help, you can also find our team and me helping people out at our amazing Excel for Freelancers facebook group, which is potentially the largest community of its kind.


Key Facts About Myself

  • Nationality & Residence: A German living in Denmark

  • Areas of Expertise: Excel (incl. Power Applications such as Power Query, Power BI and Power Pivot), Access, Outlook, Word

  • Programming Languages: VBA, DAX, M, SQL, RibbonX

  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Business Administration, Master’s Degree in Innovation & Business Management

What Can You Expect From Me?


Developing Excel-based solutions is not only a job but a passion for me. This drive allows me to constantly improve, learn and seek for the best possible solutions.

Communication skills

Apart from being fluent in English and German, I am an attentive listener.


I possess plenty of field experience and am up to date on contemporary literature and the latest MS Office developments.


I have specialist-skills in Office Applications (e.g. Excel, Outlook, Access, Word) and related programming languages (VBA, DAX, M, SQL..)


To successfully develop, deploy and maintain software applications, developer and client will interact a lot. With me you will find a reliable partner for short-term and long-term projects.

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